Is My Puppy Bored Or Tired?

Bringing a sweet new puppy into your life is an unforgettable experience, although it isn't always easy. As wonderful as wee doggies are, they can't tell you how they feel in words. It's up to you to read between the lines. Misbehavior is a common indication of a puppy who is either bored or tired.

Destructive Chewing

If you are suddenly noticing tiny chew marks all over your home, you might just have a bored puppy on your hands. Destructive behavior is frequently a telling indication of a dog who just isn't getting enough physical and mental stimulation. If your shoes and pillows look less than immaculate thanks to your puppy's wee teeth, there's a good chance the little one is bored. If your pet is bored, it might be your cue to help him out in that department, whether by investing in a few exciting and new interactive doggie toys, taking him on more frequent walks or simply paying more attention to him in general.

Excessive Barking

Excessive barking also is a common sign of a bored puppy. If any seemingly inconsequential sound seems to have the ability to send your pet off into a barking fit, it might just mean that tedium is taking over.

Backyard Havoc

Mischievous little pups who are bored also frequently wreak havoc onto their owners' backyards -- ugh. They might sink their teeth into pretty flowers, for one. They might dig up an otherwise immaculate and picturesque lawn. They might even hide some of their most prized chew toys deep into the dirt, creating a lot of confusion when their owners try to find them later on. Insect consumption is also a common sign of a pooch who is bored and looking for some good, old-fashioned entertainment.


Humans can get a little petulant when they haven't gotten enough shut-eye, and puppies are no different in that respect. If your puppy is exhausted and just needs a little rest, he might act a lot grouchier than his normally sweet and pleasant self. You might even hear him growling -- at you. Don't take it personally, and just realize the little guy needs a nap, big time. If your pooch ever behaves aggressively due to being tired, contact a professional who specializes in canine behavioral problems. Play it cautiously and never try to "fix" an aggressive pooch on your own, puppy or otherwise.


Hyper behavior is also a typical indication of a puppy who is seriously tired. The little guys occasionally get so exhausted that their actions become increasingly wacky. If you notice your pup running around your living room in frenetic and frenzied circles, it's probably time to get him ready for bedtime or a nap. Remember, it might not occur to the youngster to get that much-needed sleep on his own.

By Naomi Millburn

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