Just 15 Of The Funniest Hedgehog Pictures We've Ever Seen

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We are DYING here over the hilarity and adorableness of these hedgehog pics. Join us, why don't you?

1. This hedgehog is going to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Credit: aguseop/Instagram

2. "I think I can see Mars from here."

Credit: hairyhedgie/Instagram

3. "Draw me like one of your French girls."

Credit: chicneria17/Instagram

4. Rude, little hedgehog. RUDE.

Credit: cutenfunnyvideos/YouTube

5. "Today, I'm your coffee..."

Credit: jjenjen30/Twitter

6. ...and your Big Gulp."

7. "Hey remember the final scene in The Breakfast Club when Bender was all like..."

Credit: truselforganics/Instagram


Credit: ganmohedgehog/Instagram

9.  No cocktail toothpicks, no problem.

Credit: Imgur


Credit: ma0308na/Instagram


Credit: taro_the_hedgie/Instagram

12. Basically just Sonic IRL

Credit: marutaro_hedgehog/Instagram

13. "Wazzup"

Credit: taro_the_hedgie/Instagram

14.  "You cuddle me. I cuddle raspberry. Everyone's happy."

Credit: Imgur

15. "That's right human, I can haz hedgehog too."

Credit: hedgehog_azuki/Instagram