My Dog Keeps Chewing My Other Dog's Collar

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Almost all dogs love to chew on things, but some have more trouble than others controlling their urges. If your dog can't resist wrapping his teeth around another dog's collar, you need to take both preventive and corrective measures to train him not to. By doing that, you gradually take away his motivation to chew on the other dog's collar, and you teach him that there are better alternatives for when he needs to get his chewing fix.


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Tip #1 - Apply a taste deterrent to the collar your dog chews on. Taste deterrents, which are available at your pet supply store, give whatever they treat a markedly unpleasant flavor -- usually bitter or spicy -- that repels dogs. Follow the instructions on the deterrent you use, as they typically require periodic reapplication to maintain their effectiveness.

Tip #2 - Watch your dog closely, and correct him when he makes a move for the other dog's collar. When correcting bad behavior in a dog, you have to act fast -- otherwise, he won't make the connection between his transgression and your correction. As soon as he starts to nibble, give a negative command, like "no" or "off." If necessary, do this in conjunction with a tap on the behind or the neck, to get his attention.


Tip #3 - Distract your dog with a chew toy. Your dog may simply be chewing the other dog's collar because he wants something to gnaw on, so give him an alternative. When he chews on it instead of the collar, lavish him with praise. Doing this consistently slowly teaches him that collar chewing gets negative reactions, but toy chewing gets positive ones.

Tip #4 - Switch your dogs to collars with metal embellishments. These are unpleasant to chew on, and deter your dog from biting them.

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