My Dog Keeps Turning Over His Food Dish

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No sooner have you poured his dog food in his bowl than you turn around to find kibble spread all over the floor. You may not always be able to beat the bowl-flipping behavior, but you sure can outsmart it. Try one or more of the following tips.

Tip #1 - State firmly, "No," when you catch him in the bowl-flipping behavior. Offer treats if he stops and for good behavior. Be consistent with the "No" command and treats.

Tip #2 - Get a stainless steel food dish that has tapered sides and a weighted or non-skid rubber grip bottom, which are much harder to push around. The tapered sides also pose a challenge when your doggie gets his mouth or paw in the dish to flip it over.


Tip #3 - Buy a wide-mouthed ceramic food dish. This heavy material is harder to flip over when your pooch is chowing down or simply playing in the dish. These should be washed every day as the porous surface can grow bacteria.

Tip #4 - Place your food bowls in an elevated food dish stand, which will hold the dish in place and not allow your dog to knock it over. Push the back of the stand against the wall to add extra support. The height of the stand should accommodate your dog's size. It should be no higher than your dog's chest. Large dog breeds will benefit from elevated dog dish holders as they have a tendency to suffer bloat when eating from bowls on the ground.


Tip #5 - Offer your dog extra toys. He may just be playing in the bowls because he's bored. Distract him with something else. Things with squeakers make most dogs forget all about other things.

By Susan Revermann

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