My Dog Won't Pee In the Rain

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It's raining, it's pouring and your pooch has made it clear that she is not peeing in the downpour. Chances are, your dog may even go to the door and act like she wants out, but quickly changes her mind once she sees the weather. While you may take her out anyway, she may refuse to pee until you get back inside. This is very frustrating, but it's a habit that can be broken.


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Tip #1 - Purchase a dog umbrella and raincoat. Dogs who hate to get wet can receive instant relief with the right rain gear. The umbrella attaches to the dog so you don't have to worry about keeping her dry with your own umbrella. It will take a few more minutes to get her ready to go out, but it usually gets the job done.

Tip #2 - Be just as stubborn as your dog! Many pooches who hate the rain will be stubborn. Chances are he will just stand there or try to pull on the leash, leading you back to the front door. You have to hold your ground in this scenario. Show him you're not going anywhere until he does his business. The key is to be willing to stand in the rain for as long as it takes. Be patient. While you may be tempted to keep telling your pup to hurry up, this will not get the job done. You need to be patient and wait for things to happen. Walk around the yard a few times until he's ready. If there's a heavy rain, it may take him a few minutes to smell out his usual spot.


Tip #3 - Provide a sheltered area for potty-time. A sheltered area can make it much easier for pooches to go out in the rain. Simply lead her to the sheltered area and chances are she'll go almost immediately. The only exception is when it's storming. If your dog is scared of thunder, a sheltered area may not be enough to encourage her to go.

Tip #4 - Praise your dog when she does potty in the rain. Many dogs live for the praise and affection of their humans. This means you need to go out of your way to praise your pup for peeing in the rain. Bend down and scratch her head, baby talk to her, and genuinely show her that you're pleased with her behavior.


By Amy Brantley


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