Stop a Dog from Digging Up Potted Plants

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Some dogs have an affinity for the loose dirt and fresh leaves of potted plants.
Whether your potted plants are inside or outside, you don't want your dog burrowing into them. The fresh soil and interesting smells may attract your dog to the pots, and it only takes a few swipes of the paw to leave your deck or rug covered in soil. Even the most hardy plant will not survive too many of these forced evictions. You can pick up your smaller pots and put them out of your dog's reach, but this is a short-term solution. Follow the tips below to train your dog to leave the potted plants alone, and you'll be able to display them wherever you'd like.


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Items You Will Need:

• Cotton balls
• Oil of cloves
• Pine cones

Tip #1 - Clove Oil Cotton Balls


Dip cotton balls in oil of cloves and bury them just under the soil in your potted plants. This acts as a repellent.

Tip #2 - Strategically-Placed Pine Cones

Place pine cones on the surface of the soil. The pine cones will make it less enjoyable for your pup to dig in the planter.


Tip #3 - Beat Boredom

Play with your dog several times a day. Digging is often something your dog does when he gets bored. You may find that if your pet is getting enough physical activity and mental stimulation, he doesn't bother your plants.


Tip #4 - Supervise and Correct On the Spot

Supervise your dog. If he has shown a tendency to dig in your potted plants, your dog needs supervision around the plants until he is trustworthy. If he starts nosing around a pot, give him a firm "no," so he will understand he isn't allowed to bother them.


by Stephanie Dube Dwilson

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