Pros & Cons of Adopting Two Dogs at Once

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Dog experts are divided on whether or not adopting two dogs at once is a good idea. As a future dog owner, it's important that you hear both sides of the debate before making your decision. While some may not love the idea of adopting two dogs at once, it may be the right decision for you and your family -- but you must fully understand what to expect.



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One huge advantage to adopting two dogs at once is you're able to train two dogs at once. If you plan to eventually have two dogs, it's best to adopt them both at once for easier training. You can work on housebreaking, crate training, and other basic training at one time. This can be much more beneficial than adopting dogs separately because it will greatly reduce the time spent. There are also cons to training two dogs at once. When you come home, you may have no idea which dog peed on the floor or destroyed your shoe. Another con is trying to wrangle two dogs who are misbehaving.



Adopting two dogs at once ensures that your new dogs always have someone to play with. If you work outside the home, your dog will be less likely to experience separation anxiety, because he has someone to play with. You must remember, though, that dogs will establish a pack. Good owners are always seen as the alpha in the pack, but the dogs will then choose who is next in command, and may fight until they establish the order.



Adopting two dogs at the same time can also be stressful for both you and the dogs. First of all, the dogs may not get along and may try to exert dominance over each other. Another problem arises if you try to house both dogs in the same crate. This can create anxiety in the dogs as they fight for their own space. Dogs can also experience separation anxiety if they become close and one passes away.



Adopting two dogs at once can also be very expensive. Not only will you have the adoption cost, but you will need to buy two of everything all at once. This means two collars and leashes, two crates and enough bedding for two crates, two food bowls and two water bowls. When you adopt pets separately, you're better able to handle the costs. Never underestimate the costs of raising a pet. Even if you save money adopting, purchasing all the supplies will be costly, especially if you're buying for two. Veterinarian costs can also add up.


By Amy Brantley

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