This Man Just Found Out That His "Dog" Is Actually A Wolf

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You never know exactly what you're going to get when you adopt a new pet. After all, animals have a wide range of personalities and quirks, just like people. But, according to Seventeen, one guy in Arizona got a bigger surprise than usual when he adopted a new puppy, Neo.

At first, the animal's behavior seemed less-than-ideal, but normal for a puppy — he was nervous and needy and had a bunch of accidents during the potty training process. Neo seemed a little difficult, but new pet owners (at least the good ones) are prepared for an uphill battle when it comes to helping their new adopted family member acclimate to his or her new surroundings and get trained.


But then, Neo started behaving extra strange for a dog. He would do anything necessary to get to the other side of the neighbor's fence and play with their German Shepherds, digging under, jumping over, and even chewing through new, bigger barriers that were erected to keep him in his own yard.

Eventually, the neighbors had enough of Neo's break-in artist ways and called the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. The experts from the Humane Society were able to identify the dog's problem right away: He wasn't a dog at all.

"I approached the couple and asked, 'You know that isn't a dog, right?'" Maureen O'Nell, the shelter's former CEO, told The Dodo. "They responded, 'We were wondering.'"

Neo is actually a "high content wolf dog," which means he's a mix of the two species with a tendency to lean toward his wolf-y roots.


When Neo's owners realized that he was actually a wolf and that they weren't equipped to care for him properly, they turned him over to Wolf Connection, a wolf dog sanctuary in California.

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We're glad Neo is in a place where he can live with a pack and receive the care he needs!


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