Tips For Hiding Dog Pills in Food

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Dogs are pretty sneaky when it comes to taking medication. Just when you think you've put the pill down his throat, out it comes, covered in slime and almost hard to recognize. What's worse is finding a pill hours later, not sure if the medication was from today or last week. This can make things complicated when your dog needs daily medication. An easy way to administer pills is to do so without your dog knowing, such as hiding the pills in a treat.


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Tip #1 - Place the medication inside a ball of cheese. Soft cheeses, such as cream cheese, create perfect hiding places for pills. Form a ball around the pill and give it to your dog. He will likely not even realize the medication was in the cheese. If your dog prefers harder cheese, such as cheddar or American, trying wrapping a slice around the pill. You may need to use something to adhere the pill to the harder cheese, such as butter or cream cheese. If so, cover the pill with the sticky substance, then wrap the cheese around the pill.

Tip #2 - Hide the pills inside meat, such as hot dogs or liverwurst. Most dogs like how these foods taste and will be willing to snack on them. Simply shove the pill in the middle of a piece of hot dog, or form a liverwurst ball around the medication. Most dogs will gobble up these tasty treats without noticing the hidden pills.


Tip #3 - Place the medication inside a ball of peanut butter. Besides tasting good, peanut butter also makes dogs lick excessively because of its sticky nature. Your dog will likely be so distracted by his licking that he won't even notice a pill hiding among the goodness.

Tip #4 - Smash the pill into a powder form and hide it in food. Place the pill inside a bag and use a hammer to crush it into powder. Place the powder into a small amount of soft food, such as sour cream. Avoid hiding the powder in larger amounts of food, just in case your dog doesn't eat it all.


Tip #5 - Buy treats that are specifically made for hiding medication. Treats intended for this purpose usually have pockets inside of them that will hide the pill. The treats are often so delicious to the dog that he doesn't even notice the medication.

Tip #6 - Do not let your dog see you hide the medication or sniff the treat, if possible. Some dogs will not take the treats if they see their owners manipulating them. Furthermore, if your dog is able to smell the pill hidden in the treat he will likely not eat it.

By Heather Vecchioni


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