Top 10 Pet Names For Game Of Thrones Fans

In your house, the battle for the throne may, literally, be the long-lasting feud between your pets over the comfiest armchair in the house. If so, wouldn't it be fun to name your next pet after your favorite Games of Thrones character?


The HBO hit not only keeps viewers on the edge of their seats every week, but it's a wellspring of some pretty kickass pet names. Here are some ideas.

Top 10 Pet Names For Game of Thrones Fans
The Mother of Dragons (and drool puddles)
credit: Fashionably Geek

1 - Tyrion (great for corgis or munchkin cats and other low-to-the-ground pets)

2 - Ghost (for a white furkid)

3 - Hodor

4 - Daenerys or Dany (for yellow labs or other blonde pets)

5 - Khaleesi (same as above)

6 - Grey Wind

7 - Brienne (preferably not for a hound)

8 - Samwell (for a loyal, brave, portly creature)

9 - Arya

10 - Ygritte (for a haughty, red-coated critter)

Other contenders for the throne:

Theon Greyjoy


Bran Stark

Sandor Clegane (If your pet has facial scars, they're a great fit to be named after Sandor)

The Hound (Obviously a great name for hound dogs!)

Joffrey Baratheon

Catelyn Stark

Robb Stark

Ned Stark

Robert Baratheon

Viserys Targaryen


Samwell Tarly


Tywin Lannister


Jeor Mormont

Tommen Baratheon

Jaqen H'ghar (Does your pet have many faces (or personalities)? Name him or her after the man of a thousand faces!)

Khal Drogo (A great name for big, beefy pets, like pit bulls or rottweilers.

Khal (same as above)

Davos Seaworth

Melisandre (Does your pet look a lot younger than he or she actually is? Then Melissandre is the perfect name!)

Margaery Tyrell

Stannis Baratheon


Brienne of Tarth


Tormund Giantsbane

Ramsay Bolton

Missandei (This is a great name for pets that seem to translate, like birds or even dogs/cats that talk)

The High Sparrow (Obviously a great name for a sparrow or other bird)

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