Watch This Stolen Dog Reunite With His Owner After 2 Years

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The last two years have been an emotional rollercoaster for Jose Andaverde and his loyal dog Chaos. After a divorce left him living in his car, Andaverde was forced to leave Chaos with a friend while he found a more stable situation. But when he came back three months later, the unidentified friend refused to give Chaos back. Andaverde was presumably heartbroken, and he tried to move on, but he never forgot Chaos.


Video of the Day

As it happens, Chaos never forgot him either. Two years later, when Chaos ended up in a shelter in Winnebago County, the shelter staff were able to use the information on his microchip to contact Andaverde. In the heartwarming video posted by Winnebago County Animal Services, a timid Chaos approaches Andaverde and sniffs cautiously. An instant later, the dog recognizes his long-lost friend, and his behavior changes completely: he flings himself into Andaverde's arms, wriggling joyfully, tail wagging uncontrollably.

In a followup phone call to the shelter, Andaverde said "I haven't been happier! This has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders and has made my entire week!" He also expressed how important the microchip had been in facilitating reunion. As he put it: "Pay the microchip fee! That fee versus never seeing your dog again is totally worth it!"


The moral of the story: love will prevail -- and microchips are a really good idea!