What Time Should I Put My Puppy to Bed?

Like human babies, puppies thrive on love and attention, but setting your puppy up for success early also means establishing a solid sleep routine.
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Welcoming your new puppy home is such an exciting time, and marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship. It's also a huge responsibility, and if this is your first puppy, you may understandably feel a little overwhelmed. He's so tiny and helpless and how you manage these first few months of his life gets him on track for growing up to be a great dog and cherished member of your family.

Like human babies, puppies thrive on love and attention, but setting your puppy up for success early also means establishing a solid routine, so your little canine pal quickly understands the house rules around good behavior, his puppy feeding schedule, where he goes potty, puppy bedtime, and where he sleeps.

Raising puppy questions and resources

From planning a puppy feeding schedule with the help of a puppy feeding chart by weight and age to developing everyday routines like an appropriate puppy bedtime, there's lots to learn. You may be wondering, is there an ideal puppy bedtime standard, and should your puppy sleep in a bed or a crate? On the other hand, should you be letting your puppy sleep in bed with you?

Well, if you purchased your pup from a breeder, you should follow their sage advice about lots of things, including your puppy feeding schedule, and consult with your veterinarian, too. The American Kennel Club puppy guidance page is also a superb resource for giving your puppy a wonderful start in life and helps you make thoughtful, informed decisions about her needs. Don't worry, you'll be a puppy expert in no time at all!

Puppy bedtime tips

Fluffy whirligigs of energy, puppies seem to have two speeds: lightening fast and out like a light. It's not unusual to be enjoying the "show" as your pup clumsily navigates his indoor surroundings — jumping to catch invisible butterflies, prancing proudly then toppling over — to suddenly stop in his tracks, lay his head down, and fall fast asleep.

Puppies generally need about 19 to 20 hours of sleep a day, says the AKC, so between these "flash" daytime naps and "nighty night, sleep tight" slumber, ensuring your puppy gets his zzz's is crucial to his health and development. That means you should keep him in your bedroom and sync his bedtime with your own. But make sure you tire him out with some mentally challenging games and a little exercise beforehand, a final potty break, and then be prepared for those inevitable potty breaks during the night.

Crate or bed?

Calming, protective, and den-like, a crate, preferably placed in your bedroom, says Preventive Vet, is a perfect place for your puppy to sleep in for her first few months. A proper size crate is a handy tool that also helps in housetraining your puppy. And if you crate-train correctly, the crate will become her "happy place" for life.

Should puppy sleep with you?

Puppies are unquestionably adorable and no more so than when they are cuddled up beside you on the sofa or snuggled into your lap. But if you've made your decision not to let your puppy sleep in bed with you, those big, imploring eyes can quickly melt your heart — and your resolve. Listening to her whimpering in her crate for another night can make it tempting to ditch the crate and give in. Why not just scoop her up and bring her into bed for a reassuring hug? After all, she's only a baby.

Well, as irresistible as your puppy is, you're at a crossroads. Even though she's small now, you need to see in your mind's eye your full-grown dog hogging your side of the bed because the habits you instill in your puppy will inevitably be etched in stone_._ Creatures of habit, dogs require consistency in all things. It's a lot tougher to change the game plan later than it is to set boundaries now when she's a puppy.

If you prefer your dog sleeps at your side or your feet in the bed, you should wait until your puppy is housebroken and sleeping soundly throughout the night before letting your puppy sleep in bed with you.