Why Does My Dog Hide Under The Bed?

Many dog owners question why they find their pet hiding under the bed. A number of situations can lead to this behavior. Some dogs may be fearful, while others seek safety in the dark. Understanding why your dog hides under the bed can help you determine if this behavior is something that requires treatment or is perfectly normal. Regardless, knowing the answer can put your mind at ease.



The most common reason for a dog to hide under a bed is fear. It might be a thunderstorm, a stranger in the house or something getting dropped. Dogs can be overly skittish, especially if they've been abused. Some breeds are also known for running and hiding when they're scared. The good news is there isn't a problem with this behavior. The important thing is that your dog feels safe, and if that safe place is under the bed, so be it. The problem arises when your dog is scared to the point that he is constantly hiding under the bed. In this case, you need to find out the cause of the fear and help your dog be less fearful or remove the problem causing the fear.


Dogs may also hide under beds due to anxiety. An example is a dog who becomes anxious when children come into the home and tease her. In this case, she will hide under the bed so she's not found or is out of reach. Loud movies or music may also cause your dog to become anxious. If you notice your dog hiding under the bed during certain situations, try to limit those situations so your dog is less anxious. Just like with humans, stress is not healthy for dogs.


In some cases, dogs may just find the area under the bed comfortable. The temperature may be more preferable or the carpet may be softer under the bed because it hasn't been worn down. Some breeds, such as terriers, prefer burrows. The dark area under the bed can create this type of environment for your pup. If your dog doesn't seem fearful or anxious, there's no need to worry.


If you're moving furniture or there are kids running about, dogs may hide under the bed to stay safe. Small dogs, especially, don't want to get trampled or have something dropped on them. If you weighed only 5 pounds, chances are you'd hide, too. Your dog may also be hurt and seeking safety under the bed. If this behavior is not common for your dog, make sure he is not experiencing any pain or sickness.

By Amy Brantley