Why Does My Puppy Pee While Playing?

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Housetraining a puppy is one of the most important aspects in getting a little one adapted to life in a new home. Although housetraining setbacks can be frustrating, it's crucial to remember that the puppy stage is all about learning and growing. Playtime potty accidents are not at all uncommon in tiny, developing canines.


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About Excitement Urination

For a sweet and wide-eyed puppy, not many things can be more fun and exhilarating than playtime. If your pup has a habit of urinating in inappropriate spots -- say your bed -- whenever he's enjoying a play session, he could be experiencing excitement urination, a relatively common issue in canine youngsters. Excitement urination essentially occurs in puppies who don't yet possess full command over their bodily functions. Because of that inadequate bladder management, they simply can't contain themselves. They also don't realize that they're expelling urine amidst all of the excitement and fanfare.


Not Only Playtime

Excitement urination isn't a playtime exclusive. If your cutie urinates on your bed, it could just mean he's happily overwhelmed by all of the positive attention he's getting courtesy of yours truly -- perhaps due to lots of cozy petting and snuggling. Excitement urination also is common in "hello" situations. If you come home from work to notice your puppy on your bed, his urination reaction could signify his sheer joy in seeing you again -- aww.



Excitement urination in puppies isn't usually something of major concern. Puppies typically "snap out of it" as they mature and acquire the necessary strong command over their bladders. If your pooch is not even 12 months in age, then there's a good chance that the messy problem will stop soon -- phew.


No Reprimanding

It's important to abstain from reprimanding your puppy for partaking in excitement urination. After all, the poor thing honestly has no idea he's even doing it. All reprimanding him might accomplish is confusing him and scaring him, both the last things you want. Instead of reprimanding your cutie, try to stop excitement urination from occurring in the first place. One way to do this is by not giving your little one attention unless he's acting in a relaxed manner -- not too hyper.


Considerations Outside of Excitement Urination

Potty accidents on your bed don't necessarily have to signify excitement urination. Remember that housetraining doesn't work overnight in doggies, no matter how good a job you're doing. Puppies who are less than 6 months old, for instance, are simply unable to hold their urine in for anything over several hours. Urination accidents also can sometimes point to medical issues. Bring your fluffball to the veterinarian immediately in order to make sure that health problems aren't responsible for his "wee-wee" woes.


By Naomi Millburn

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