Why Is My Dog Leaving Food All Over the Floor?

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If you're finding that, instead of eating it, your pooch is scattering a large portion of her meals all over the floor of a room (and not just a minor amount around her bowl), here are a few things you can try out to remedy the messy situation.


Tip #1 - Check that you're giving her the right amount of food for her size.
If you're feeding her too much, she may not be hungry enough to eat it all. Check the back of your dog food container for the suggested serving size for your specific dog's weight.

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Tip #2 - Seclude her when it's mealtime.
Some dogs can get aggressive during mealtime. If she is around other dogs, especially bigger dogs, she may become anxious when it's time to eat. She may grab a mouthful of food and bring it to a different area to eat it, dropping morsels along the way. Try feeding her after the other dogs have eaten and gone outside to go potty or feed her by herself in the secluded area that she tends to bring her food to.


Tip #3 - Maintain a regular feeding time.
Remove the food dish between meals. This way she should be hungry when it's dinnertime and will prevent her from grazing throughout the day or leaving food on the floor.

Tip #4 - Buy a different kind of dog food.
She may just be picky and doesn't really like the kind that you currently have. Trying a new one may just turn that around. You also want to make sure that the food you choose is appropriate for her breed. You don't want to try to give her large food pellets meant for a Bernese mountain dog if she is a shih tzu.


Tip #5 - Switch her to adult dog food when she turns a year old.
Puppy food is designed to be high in vitamins and nutrients for growing bones, muscles and joints. If she is still eating puppy food after a year, it may be too rich for her and she may not want to eat it all.

Tip #6 - Make sure the food hasn't gone bad.
If the food is moldy or rancid, your dog will not want to eat it and may leave it on the floor. Toss bad dog food out. Keep your dog food in the original bag and place it inside an airtight food bin to keep it fresh. Use within six weeks of opening the food bag.


Tip #7 - Try using a different food bowl.
She could be a choosy pooch and may not like the one she has. Try a different material or size.

Tip #8 - Point out the fallen morsels to your dog.
It could be possible that she didn't realize that she left some uneaten.


By Susan Revermann


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