You Need to Meet Simone Biles's Amazing Dogs

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Surely you've noticed: Gymnast Simone Biles has literally taken over the internet. And rightly so! The Olympian has captivated the world with her floor routines — which, quite frankly, are not of this world — and she also took home the gold medal for the individual all-around competition.

I mean, just look at this sorcery:

Credit: Universal Sports

And what in the heck — how is this even physically possible?

Credit: USA Gymnastics

Well, it turns out there's yet another reason to love Simone: She's a total dog person!

Source: Simone Biles / Instagram

Her family apparently has FOUR german shepherds. Their names: Maggie, Atlas, Bella, and Lily.

Source: Simone Biles / Instagram

Although Simone isn't the greatest cook, she told NBC affiliate WTHR that she ends up cooking for her dogs, heating up mixtures of veggies and meat to pour over their dry food: "When I was young I couldn't wait to learn how to make this and now I regret it...I mean who cooks for their dogs?"

Source: Instagram

She has also tweeted out funny details about her pack:

Source: Twitter

And showed us just how loyal her friends are:

Source: Twitter

At the end of the day, it's really nice to know that world class gymnasts still have time to hang out with their animal friends.