Broody Hen Tries To Mom Cute Litter Of Kittens

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We've basically all experienced the following feeling. We stumble upon a litter of kittens so adorable we are compelled by the power of their cuteness to just up and steal them. Of course, most of us, being law-abiding citizens, resist our baser kitten-napping impulses.

The same can not be said of this chicken, who experienced her 15 minutes of Reddit fame when she up and stole a bunch of itsy-bitsy kitties.

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We can't get over this chicken sitting on all these kittens like they're her little chickies. These super hilarious and deeply weird pics raise so many questions. How did this chicken wrangle all these kittens? Doesn't the expression "herding cats" exist because it's supposed to be, like, you know, hard? What is even going on here? What is this life?

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As Reddit user virnovus, who posted these pictures, tells us in the post "This dummy stole a litter of kittens from their mother, believing they were hers. She wouldn't let the mother near them. But eventually they learned to share!"

Are these kittens going to grow up to believe they are cats or chickens or half-cats-half-chickens?


Maybe someday we'll get answers to our burning questions. Until then, we'll be here still cracking up over these pics of a stoic chicken sitting on a bunch of bewildered-looking kitties.