11 Animals Who Understand Your Bad Hair Day On A Personal Level

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We've all had bad hair days, but we also all know that some bad hair days are worse than others.

These animals GET your worst bad hair because they've living it right freaking now.


Video of the Day

1. The day you realize you've officially put off getting a haircut for too long.

2. That day you tried too hard to look Pinterest-y.

3. That day when you thought, "I bet I can cut my own bangs."

4. That day you decided to experiment with mousse.

5. That humid day when the hair you spent hours trying to tame just does its own thing. And its own thing is NOTHING GOOD.

6. That morning when you wake up with There's Something About Mary-esque bed head...

7. That morning when your bed head seems to take over ALL of your hair.

8. That day when you're plagued by inexplicable hair static.

9. That day when Mom said she just wanted to "try something real quick."

10. That day when your YouTube-worthy hair is ruined by so much wind you're worried you'll end up in Oz.

11. That day when you decide to try a new conditioner and remember why you should NEVER TRY A NEW CONDITIONER.


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