16 Sassy Dogs Who Are Throwing Shade

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1. When your co-worker shows up late but takes an early lunch.

2. When you didn't do any of the dishes or laundry, but you're getting ready for bed.

3. Just plain rude.

4. "When your friend is complaining about some sh*t you specifically advised them not to do."

Cause ain't nobody got time for that.


5. The hypocrisy!

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6. Cause if there's a dog in the picture everyone else is irrelevant.

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7. When you're deciding where to go eat and your friend says she's on a diet; so you order something healthy, and they get fettuccine alfredo.

8. When your boss emails you with a bunch of grammatical errors.

9. When you're in the theater, and the person you're with talks the entire time

10. When you text your friend, and you get the three dots, but then they never respond. So you ignore them on social media cause you're petty too.

11. When your friend says they don't have time to binge watch the new show you found, but you know they're on Netflix, so you don't have time for them.

12. When you're out with friends, and they want to eat at all the crappy places — so you gotta let them know you're craving a "decent meal."

13. When you calculate that they've watched 5 hours of TV while browsing Instagram, but they can't find a minute to text back.

14. When someone is taking forever to decide what they want to order, and you've known what you want before stepping inside.

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15. When you mention eating red meat and your vegan acquaintance begins their tirade, so you let your face do the talking.

16. When your boyfriend was out to dinner, but they didn't bring you any food.