22 Photos Only Pet Lovers With Reptiles Will Get

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When it comes to cuteness, reptiles often get overlooked. But as any reptile lover can tell you, if you're willing to look past the skins and shells and scales, these animals can be pretty gosh-darn adorbs.

1. It has a flavor.

2. Maybe he wants to check Inssssstagram.

3. "This lizard looks like he's just hatched a plan to over the world."

This is our new overlord, and he has a cute little pink tum-tum.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

4. "Sorry, was the music too loud? I'll turn it down."

5. Gotta catch 'em all.

Gecko photoshopped to look like Charmander.

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6. How many bleps does it take to get the center of an ice cream bar?

Tiny snake licks photoshopped popsicle.

7. So much for dignity.

8. Talking selfies with a dog? Easy. Talking selfies with a lizard? Not quite the same.

9. Who's hungry for punsssss?

10. "They told me I could be anything, so I became a unicorn."

Never give up on your dreams.



11. Movie night!

12. Close enough.

13. More punsssss!

A chameleon, a chamelemon, and a chamelon.

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14."Just got a new slow cooker."

All the punsssssssss!


15. Oh snap.

16. "When you make New Year's Eve party plans with friends and they cancel at the last minute."

I can't believe I shed for this.

I can't believe I shed for this.



17. Awwww, tiny smol snek.

18. Rocks, trees, mice... stuff like that.

19. "When he calls u babygirl"

That's a flirtatious blep.


20. Hope you brought your appetite.

21. "This is a newly hatched baby bearded dragon showing just how small chameleons can get. Lizard-sized couch for scale!"

22. "Pet beds were on a sale AND I had a couple so Guts got a new bed. It's very plush, he likes it a lot."

What a cute good boy.


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