Ceiling Raccoon Becomes Airport’s Unofficial Mascot After Eluding Security

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It's a given that at least one Toronto raccoon will blaze across the viral web annually for its adorable antics.


In 2015, it was a clever trash panda poaching forbidden fruit — a glazed doughnut — from a coffee shop. Twelve months later, a masked bandit was filmed fare hopping on the subway.

Video of the Day

Joining these furry scofflaws in internet fame over the weekend was a curious ceiling raccoon peering down on passengers waiting for their luggage at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Very 2017, no?

Video first bubbled to the surface — like so many of our favorite things — on Twitter, where it promptly spread thanks to a blizzard of 25,000+ retweets (press play to watch).

Travelers, airport employees, and bystanders alike were charmed by the unexpected sight.


"You almost expected him to come down wearing a little uniform and ask to help with the baggage," joked a man waiting for his wife in an interview with CBC Toronto.


With the news, came a bevy of reactions, takes, and LOLs on social media.

"My kid: 'I thought they had better security than that,'" wrote one commenter.

"#GuardiansoftheGalaxyVol2 marketing on point", quipped a second.

While some locals used the moment to road test new marketing initiatives...

...others seem resigned to the species' growing influence in Toronto life.

Also leveraging the power of the microblogging platform to shape the conversation: The airport itself!


In a series of updates posted on Sunday, officials had the final say on the episode when they revealed that the critter's jet-setting aspirations had been grounded.

"The raccoon," they reported, "is currently being taken back home to his natural habitat."

Never change, ceiling raccoon, never change.

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