Black Bear Discovers Her True Passion After Breaking Into Musician's Home

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You're going to bear-ly believe your eyes (and ears) when see the security footage from a recent home invasion in Vail, Colorado.

Home surveillance videos show that while the family was away, a furry forest creature came to play ... the piano.

When the home's resident returned after leaving, she found that the house had been trashed. Assuming she had been burgled, she called the police to investigate. After discovering only food from the freezer had been taken, among other hints, they suspected it was likely an animal invader.


Little did they know it wasn't just any animal. It was Libearache. Or, if you prefer a more contemporary reference: Bearly Joel.

Sing us a song, you're the piano bear.


The highly amusing footage shows the black bear rummaging around the living room. He doesn't seem interested in doing too much damage. He's mostly just sniffing and curious. It's not until he discovers the piano that he realizes his true calling.

It's not just the fact that the black bear jumps on the piano keys that makes this video so charming. He stands proudly with his back arched and straight as he lets the cacophony of the keys ring through to home.

He doesn't linger too long on the piano before finally moving on. Likely, he went search for food. But it's also possible that he, like any great performer, knew how to leave his audience wanting more.

The break-in happened on May 31. And, according to the Vail Police Department, they have yet to find the clawsome musician. He's probably out practicing for an upcoming concert with his animal musician friend Wolf-gang Mozart, or looking for his Clawra Schumann.

Anybody else now in the mood for a game of musical bears?