18 Pets Dropping The Most Fire Album Covers Of The Year

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Another week brings another viral prompt tweet — and this one is ​mew-sic​ to our ears.

Writing on Twitter, biologist Elisa Granato challenged her 16,000+ followers to "drop a picture of your pet that looks like an album cover."


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

As tax, she attached a shot of her fur pal soaking up some rays in a window.

Since the microblogging platform never turns down an opportunity to boost adorable animals, hundreds of responses quickly poured in, the best and funniest of which have been curated below.


1. "Kind of cheating since this isn’t my pet… this is a dog in a shop window who was sleeping with glasses that had holders to hold onto his head. Apparently, he doesn’t mind it since it’s very sunny in the front window of the shop 🤣"

2. "King and Paw' by Catonomy, 2021."

3. "A whole album of melancholy songs and Oasis-inspired ballads"

4. "True story: Sometimes, he howls along to Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs.'"

5. "Huckleberry, whose hits include 'I peed all over the Hoosier Cabinet'(you got that right!), 'Good People Can’t Have Nice Things', and 'My Bite (Evil Love Bite).'"

6. "This cat needs to be in a pool chasing a dollar bill on a fishhook"

7. "They look like the Sparks brothers"

This comparison is 100% not inaccurate:

8. "You can just tell Pitchfork would give this a 10.0"

9. "The first single is called 'Sleep All Day, Meow All Night.'"

10. "Let me guess, Three Dog Night?"

11. "I can't think of a funny caption but I think this picture speaks for itself. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ "

13. "These two are keeping the cuddlecore scene alive."

14. "Why didn't anyone tell me The Smiths released a new album?"

15. "This is obviously an ethereal European electronic album called, 'In Plain Sight.'"

16. "Knew I'd have a use for this some day..."

17. "90’s indie band seeing out the album deal before the label implodes and they never speak again."

18. "This is Dusty aka Smokey aka SmokeyPokes with her debut solo screamo album 'Give Me All The Cuddles'"