Watch This Big Dog Teaching His Baby Brother To Sit

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Sure, you can't teach an old dog news tricks. But an old dog can teach other dogs new tricks — especially when there's added motivation of getting a reward for helping out. Rufus showed his little brother Jet just how this is done. And the end results were paw-sitively adorable.


Rufus and Jet's owner was trying to get them both to sit using the tried-and-true treat reward method. Rufus is 16-months-old and therefore wiser than his 4-month-old brother. He understood immediately what his human friend was asking. Jet didn't quite get it. So Rufus decided to lend a helping paw.


Rufus gently pushes his baby brother's butt down so he gets the hint to sit. And it's clearly not just a fluke. He does it another time when they're again told to sit and the pup can't seem to get it together.

With one simple swoop, Rufus lays down the paw and makes it clear who's in charge. He basically says, "Hey, kid, we listen to the lady. And you listen to me. So butt down and we can enjoy some treats."

With friends like Rufus, Jet will get the hang of learning to sit in no time. Maybe they'll even be able to conquer more complicated dog tricks since they'll be able to help each other out in the learning process.

No matter what the future holds for these two young dogs, at least we know they have each other. And Rufus — sometimes literally — has Jet's back.