The 16 Most Entertaining Dog GIFs Ever

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Momentous motion graphics below. Only scroll forward if you are prepared to LOL.

1. If this doesn't convince you that NOW is the time to be alive, then bye.

2. "You will never take my freedom!!!"

3. A dog who is going places. Or not.

4. When you know something bad is about to happen, but you're just on that path.

5. Just. Wait. For. It.

6. This bath is so lit.

7. When you finally find your soulmate.

8. "This is what happens when you sleep in my spot."

9. We were all rooting for you.

10. And that was the last time we saw grandma ...

11. "We're not together."

12. He thinks this is how Uber works.

13. From the new Ikea Dogge collection:

14. This is their audition for America's Got Talent. It's called "Double Dog," and Simon Cowell already hates it.

15. When your boss is talking to someone else and you hear your name.

16. "No, I haven't been hitting the nip. Why ever would you say such a thing?"

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