20 Mind-Blowing Crossbreed Dogs Who Prove Mutts Are The Ultimate Cute

When it comes to mixed breeds, figuring out the mishmash of a dog's ancestry can be next to impossible. But sometimes a dog's lineage leaves behind unmistakable traits. No fancy DNA test required!

1. Bloodhound/Great Dane

Bloodhound/Great Dane
credit: Daily Puppy

2. Great Dane/Dachshund

3. Dachshund/German Shepherd

Dachshund/German Shepherd
credit: Imgur

4. German Shepherd/English Bulldog

5. German Shepherd/Chow Chow

German Shepherd/Chow Chow
credit: Reddit

6. Chow Chow/Husky

Chow Chow/Husky
credit: Imgur

7. Husky/Labrador

credit: Reddit

8. Shar Pei/Basset Hound

Shar Pei/Basset Hound
credit: All Mutt

9. Basset Hound/Pitbull

Basset Hound/Pitbull
credit: Avenue K9

10. Pitbull/Husky

credit: Imgur

11. Husky/Greyhound

12. Greyhound/Shar Pei

Greyhound/Shar Pei
credit: Imgur

13. Shar Pei/Golden Retriever

Shar Pei/Golden Retriever
credit: Imgur

14. Golden Retriever/Dachshund

Golden Retriever/Dachshund
credit: Reddit

15. Dachshund/Pitbull

credit: Facebook

16. German Shepherd/Irish Wolfhound

German Shepherd/Irish Wolfhound
credit: Imgur

17. Irish Wolfhound/St. Bernard

Irish Wolfhound/St. Bernard
credit: Pinterest

18. St. Bernard/Basset Hound

St. Bernard/Basset Hound
credit: Imgur

19. Basset Hound/Blue Heeler

Basset Hound/Blue Heeler
credit: Flickr

20. Boston Terrier/Papillon

Boston Terrier/Papillon
credit: Imgur

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