The 12 Most Patriotic Dogs Winning The Fourth Of July

Time to celebrate the United States of Dogmerica!

1. Nothin' more 'murican than trucks and pups.

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2. This puppy's eyes are saying, "FREEDOM!"

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3. In the words of a true American: "Wassaaaaaaappppp!"

4. This dapper doggle would cheer up any BBQ.

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5. A classic pairing: Pups and PBR.

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6. Just look at the pride on this dog's face!

7.ย "USA! USA! USA! US โ€” squirrel?"

8. Uncle Sam Wants YOU ... to Give Him a Treat.

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9. "And to the RePUGlic, for which it stands ..."

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10. Little known fact: Betsy Ross was a dog.

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(She was not a dog.)

11. "With liberty and justice for ball."

12. "O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain-free treats."