Episode 10: What Makes A Good Pet?

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, obviously, but is anyone really ready to welcome a cockroach into their lives?

Madagascar hissing cockroaches are super popular with fans of creepy crawlies, and Allegra and Renee are joined by Cuteness Pawdcast producer Alexis — who grew up in a pet store, basically — to debate the merits of pet bugs and talk about what makes a good companion.

Renee reveals her search for the perfect puppy, the apps she's using to discover said puppy, and tells us about her field trip to the brand spanking new Annenberg Petspace in Southern California.

We also take a deep dive into artificial intelligence that has been developed to name Guinea pigs and traipse through a handful of trending pet stories to round out the show.

This is pretty much a MUST NOT MISS SITUATION here, people! Tune in, turn on, and pod out!

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