A Couple's Amazing Solution For Kitties Who Steal Each Other's Food

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When you have four cats named Meatball, Mochi, Pepper and Nugget you should expect them to loooove eating.

A married couple from Hong Kong, Daphnie and Koon Wah, are the owners of four such cats and had to come up with a plan to keep their kitties from over-eating.



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The indulgence started with the oldest of the cat clan, Meatball.

Meatball, the heaviest of the group, is known to gobble his food swiftly then turn his sights on the bowls belonging to his brothers and sisters.

Meatball's food obsession spread to one of the younger cats, Pepper, who seemed to also get her paws in everyone else's plate.


Owner Daphnie said to Love Meow of the two, "Their waistlines have progressively disappeared (non-existent) and Pepper does a good job of sitting up on her hind legs at times because of her booty."

Now as much as Daphnie and Koon Wah love their big-booty kitties and they cannot lie, they had to come up with a plan to save the cats from themselves and bring on the return of healthy waistlines!


That's when Koon Wah had an idea. The cat daddy, "came up with the partition idea which was made out of cardboard," Daphnie told Love Meow.

But because the plump bodies of Meatball and Pepper couldn't be stopped so easily, the partitions had to quickly be upgraded. The owners now use sturdy wood partitions with cloth flaps for ultimate privacy and food protection!

The crafty invention worked like a charm as each cat may now eat in peace without having to worry about thieving siblings.

You can look Nugget, but you can't touch!

With portion sizes and personal boundaries now under control, the lovely couple is happy to report that Meatball's weight has dropped to 14 pounds and counting! You go Meaty!

Check out this video to see this smooth-sailing meal time in action!

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