Just 21 Sassy Animals Who Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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Most animals look sweet and cuddly on the outside — but some have a secret sassy side, too. Here are 21 animals who will shock you with sassiness.

1. "You just got TOLD."

2. "It's MY turn to pick our Netflix binge."

3. "Are you talking to ME?"

4. "Haters gonna hate."

5. "I call it like I see it."

6. "You can't sit with us!"

7. "Hi, nice to meet you — PSYCH."

8. "They posted WHAT on TikTok?"

9. "I know what I'm about."

10. "PREACH it, man."


12. "Silently judging you."

13. "I won't apologize for being me."

14. "You see this? It doesn't fit. Thanks for handing me for unstackable cups."

15. "Who are you looking at?"

16. "Your move."

17. "Did you just say something about me?"

18. "Are you STILL talking?"

19. "Oh no you didn't."

20. "Annnnnd...I've officially had enough of that."

21. "Literally, just don't."

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