Affectionate Cat Gives Boy Convenient Excuse Not To Do Homework

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Pet owners know all too well that the homework struggle is real.

Dogs, as old the truism goes, just want to eat it. But lesser known perhaps is the disruptive power of their feline counterparts.

Case in point: This affectionate tabby who appears to live somewhere in China with his humans, including this boy who really just wants to complete his nightly studies.


Alas, the portly puss has other ideas, repeatedly disrupting the cram session with head butts and shushing paws to the lad's grill.

And when that fails to have its desired effect, kitteh makes himself at home on the desk, plopping down on the assembled books and papers, giving zero effs in the process (relatable, amirite?).

Watch the cuteness, which first surfaced earlier this week at Mashable in video form, below.

While reading over the shoulder is definitely a pet peeve (soz, not soz) of mine, I too would probably make an exception for this lovable floof.