17 Cats With Gigantic Saucer Eyes

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Good luck finding your concentration again after locking eyes with these mesmerizing half-cat, half-alien beauties.

1. "Those aren't eyes, those are literally marbles"

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2. "Had this sneaky suspicion I was being watched..."

3. "Working from home with these eyes 🥺 is not easy... THIS is my biggest 'kryptonite'"

4. "hello did someone say pspspsps"

5. "Sherman ensures none shall not pass"

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6. "What in the Dobby is going on here?"

7. "My boi Benji looking at my bag of dried mango slices 😂"

8. "Duke when I told him I wasn't his real dad 😂"

9. "The look Olive gave me when I peeled back the blanket fort"

10. "TARGET ACQUIRED: Jada moments before the pounce ... "

11. "I think this is the sauciest I’ve ever seen her."

12. "The smell of breakfast seems to have summoned a bacon demon today. 🤣"

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13. "Where does the void stop and the saucer start? Impossible to say!"

14. "New box who dis?"

15. "Turned my back for a grand total of 10 seconds and then this happened .... "

16. "Addi is, by conservative estimates, at least 90% eyeball"

17. "What happened when I asked the computer ...

... to enhance my cat's photo. This totally 100% happened, no lie. 😉 "

​Curious about why a cat's pupils dilate? Learn more about how physical and environmental factors can play a role here.​


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