A Chubby Pug Reviews The Best Tennis Balls Of 2017

Hi! I'm Winston! I love sticks, tennis balls, belly rubs, tennis balls, food, tennis balls, and running — oh, and did I mention tennis balls? They're the best! OK, I can't wait a single second longer to tell you about the BEST TENNIS BALLS EVER this year.

1. Look at this ball! It's so round! Quick, someone throw it!

Excited dog looking at tennis ball on table.
credit: Imgur

2. Wow, this is a great ball. It's so bright and green — er, yellow?

Dog holding tennis ball in its mouth.
credit: Imgur

3. This tennis ball is flying! Wow! Doing my friend a concern, though.

Tennis ball flying towards concerned dog.
credit: Reddit

4. Look! A tennis ball for snoozing!

Dog sleeping on couch with tennis ball.
credit: Reddit

5. Look! A teeny tiny tennis ball! It's perfect!

Very small dog with proportionally small ball.
credit: Reddit

6. Irresistible! Literally!

7. This tennis ball makes bath time better than I ever thought it could be!

Dog in empty bathtub with tennis ball.
credit: Imgur

8. Sometimes the best tennis ball is two tennis balls.

Happy dog with two tennis balls.
credit: Reddit

9. I'm pretty sure this tennis ball can show the future. I hope there's bacon!

Dog looking down at very bright tennis ball.
credit: Cheezburger

10. Is this ball too big? No way! It's perfect.

Very small dog carrying tennis ball as big as its head.
credit: Imgur

11. One time I had the best tennis ball ever, but I lost it.

Dog and man in hoodie looking down into curb drain.
credit: Imgur

12. Bella knows how important it is to find the best ball.

13. Look! A small ball for big dog and big ball for small dog!

Large German Shepherd holding miniature tennis ball next to small Bolognese with standard tennis ball balanced on its head.
credit: Reddit

14. There's no time to do a good boy sit when they're about to throw this ball, okay??

15. This ball is in the water! I love water!

Dog with front paws in pool looking at floating tennis ball out of reach.
credit: Reddit

16. This very small dog does the best tennis ball dance for the best tennis ball!


Puppy with orange tennis ball.
credit: Imgur

18. Tennis ball tug of war? Sign me up!

Dog tugging at tennis ball in photographer's hand.
credit: Reddit


Dog getting a belly rub while holding a tennis ball in its mouth.
credit: Imgur

20. Jump in, friend! Go, go, go!

21. How is this dog so small? Was I ever that small?

Very small dog with miniature tennis ball.
credit: Imgur

22. You can look at this ball, but you cannot touch it. Sorry.

Alert dog with paw on worn out tennis ball.
credit: Imgur

23. Best! Birthday! Ever!

Dog wearing birthday hat surrounded by several hundred tennis balls.
credit: Imgur

24. This dog does tennis balls professionally! What a good dog! Wow!

25. Tennis ball popsicle! Yes, please!

Dog lying in snow with tennis ball.
credit: Imgur


Two dogs next to oversize novelty tennis ball.
credit: Imgur

27.  I'm going to marry this tennis ball.

Dog on its back holding tennis ball aloft between paws.
credit: Imgur

28. A tennis ball for the beach! I love the beach!

Dog with tennis ball in ocean.
credit: Imgur

29. Reach for it! You can do it, friend!

30. Beach! Beach! Beach! Beach!

Dog on beach with tennis ball.
credit: Imgur

31. Sometimes we hurt the ones we love. It's OK, friend. Please don't be sad.

Dog next to shredded tennis ball.
credit: Imgur

32. The best dogs get the best statues, and the best statues get the best tennis balls!

Statue of dog with tennis ball in its mouth.
credit: Imgur

33. OMG, it's a ball and a pillow!

Small dog resting head on tennis ball.
credit: Imgur

34. This is the best tennis ball for surprise chomps!

35. This ball is the perfect amount of squishy!

Dog chewing on tennis ball.
credit: Imgur

36. There's a ball under that dirt, and I bet it tastes AMAZING.

Dog holding tennis ball completely covered in dirt.
credit: Imgur

37. The most beautiful tennis ball ever for the most beautiful day ever!

Dog in a field with a tennis ball under a rainbow.
credit: Imgur

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