A Chubby Pug Reviews The Best Tennis Balls

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Hi! I'm Winston! I love sticks, tennis balls, belly rubs, tennis balls, food, tennis balls, and running — oh, and did I mention tennis balls? They're the literal best!

OK, I can't wait a single second longer to tell you about the BEST TENNIS BALLS EVER this year.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Look at this ball! It's so round! Quick, someone throw it!

2. Wow, this is a great ball. It's so bright and green — er, yellow?

3. This tennis ball is flying! Wow! Doing my friend a concern, though.

4. Look! A tennis ball for snoozing with!

5. Look! A teeny tiny tennis ball! It's perfect!

6. Irresistible! Literally!

7. This tennis ball makes bath time better than I ever thought it could be!

8. Sometimes the best tennis ball is two tennis balls.

9. I'm pretty sure this tennis ball can show the future. I hope there's bacon!

10. Is this ball too big? No way! It's perfect.

11. One time I had the best tennis ball ever, but I lost it.

12. Bella knows how important it is to find the best ball.

13. Look! A small ball for big dog and big ball for small dog!

14. There's no time to do a good boy sit when they're about to throw this ball, okay??

15. This ball is in the water! I love water!

16. This very small dog does the best tennis ball dance for the best tennis ball!


18. Tennis ball tug of war? Sign me up!


20. Jump in, friend! Go, go, go!

21. How is this dog so small? Was I ever that small?

22. You can look at this ball, but you cannot touch it. Sorry.

23. Best! Birthday! Ever!

24. This dog does tennis balls professionally! What a good dog! Wow!

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25. Tennis ball popsicle! Yes, please!


27. I'm going to marry this tennis ball.

28. A tennis ball for the beach! I love the beach!

29. Reach for it! You can do it, friend!

30. Beach! Beach! Beach! Beach!

31. Sometimes we hurt the ones we love. It's OK, friend. Please don't be sad.

32. The best dogs get the best statues, and the best statues get the best tennis balls!

33. OMG, it's a ball and a pillow!

34. This is the best tennis ball for surprise chomps!

35. This ball is the perfect amount of squishy!

36. There's a ball under that dirt, and I bet it tastes AMAZING.

37. The most beautiful tennis ball ever for the most beautiful day ever!

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