19 Dogs Who Are Definitely Dogs

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Want to look at some cute pictures of dogs? Well, you're in luck! Here's a list of super cute animals who are definitely 100 percent guaranteed to be dogs.

1. This big fluffy dog knows how to sit and stay. What a good dog!

2. This dog must be some kind of retriever mix.

3. This dog has a skin condition, but he's very sweet and loves scritches.

4. Lounging by the pool gets this dog's seal of approval.

5. Because cows are just big grass puppies.

7. This dog is so good at fetch!

8. The perfect lap dog, right?

9. These Australian dogs love riding in the back of their human's truck.

10. This dog is chasing her leash around a tree. Silly dog.

11. This dog has so much energy! Someone otter take him on a nice, long walk. Already leash trained!

12. This boy and his dog have a very special bond.

13. This dog is an expert shepherd.

14. Rollie, who is definitely a dog, loves playing with his toys, which are definitely dog toys.

15. Both these dogs love running around on their farm.

16. Who's a good boy? Is it this dog? Yes, it is!

17. This dog is very well-behaved. All the NEIGHbors agree.

18. Ah, yes, classic behavior of the Canis lupus familiaris.

19. This dog has such a funny way of laying in its bed. Aren't dogs the best?

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