19 Things You'll Understand If Your Dog Loves To Get Muddy

Some dogs love rolling around in mud, and if there's a puddle within reach, you better believe they'll find it. Just take a deep breath and reach for the cleaning supplies.

1. It's inevitable.

Dog rolling in mud
credit: Instagram

2. Where there's rain, there's mud. Where there's mud, there's dog.

Muddy dog sitting outside.
credit: Reddit

3. Something down there probably smells amazing.

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4. So much for all that money you spent on the fancy groomer.

Before and after photos of clean dog and muddy dog.
credit: Reddit

5. Every time it rains, your dog decides to be the next Jackson Pollock.

Muddy dog next to mud-splattered walls.
credit: Reddit

6. Where one dog goes, the others are likely to follow.

Three dogs sitting chest-deep in a mud puddle.
credit: Bored Panda

7. "Now that I'm all tired out from playing, can we cuddle?"

Dog completely covered in mud.
credit: Imgur

8. Hope you brought some towels with you.

Muddy dog standing chest deep in mud puddle.
credit: Bored Panda

9. Next stop: the couch!

Muddy dog on porch.
credit: Reddit

10. You're about to receive the best present ever.

11. "Do I have something on my face?"

Dog with mud on its face.
credit: Reddit

12. Congratulations, you have a chocolate lab now.

13. Time for kisses!

Dog with mud on its muzzle.
credit: Reddit

14. "I can't believe you would pay money for a mud mask when I get them for free in the backyard."

Dog with a mud covered face.
credit: Bored Panda

15. Ooh, a chocolate-dipped macaroon.

Fluffy white dog partially covered in mud.
credit: Instagram

16. Washable car upholstery: a requirement, not an option.

Dog in backseat of car with dirty seats.
credit: Bored Panda

17. Absolutely shameless.

18. Dogs are the best at guilt tripping you... even for stuff that is 100 percent their fault.

Dirty dog in bathroom corner.
credit: Reddit

19. We all make mistakes.

Dog halfway covered in mud.
credit: Imgur

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