19 Things You'll Understand If Your Dog Loves To Get Muddy

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Some dogs love rolling around in mud, and if there's a puddle within reach, you better believe they'll find it. Just take a deep breath and reach for the cleaning supplies. All of the cleaning supplies.

1. It's inevitable.

2. Where there's rain, there's mud. Where there's mud, there's a dog.

3. "Baby dog is VERY pleased with herself."

4. So much for all that money you spent on the fancy groomer.

5. Every time it rains, your dog decides to be the next Jackson Pollock.

6. Where one dog goes, the others are likely to follow.

7. "Now that I'm all tired out from playing, can we cuddle?"

8. Hope you brought some towels with you.

9. Next stop: the couch!

10. "Mom says she should have expected this outcome at the dog park today 😬🤣."

11. "Do I have something on my face?"

12. Congratulations, you have a chocolate lab now.

13. Time for kisses!

14. "I can't believe you would pay money for a mud mask when I get them for free in the backyard."

15. Ooh, a chocolate-dipped macaroon.

16. Washable car upholstery: a requirement, not an option.

17. Absolutely shameless.

18. Dogs are the best at guilt tripping you... even for stuff that is 100 percent their fault.

19. We all make mistakes.


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