Weirdo Pups Who Love to Bathe

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"I'm PUNK now, Mom. You just don't GET IT. Anyway, when's snuggle time?"Most dogs fight against bathtime like their lives depend on it. With every flail and every whine, you hear their call: "You can take away my toys and treats, but you can never take… my stiiiiink!"


But a certain rare pup really savors their splash time. Who are these dogs who long to smell as fresh as a flower bed? They are, in a word: weirdos.

Video of the Day

1. The one who can’t get enough of that shampoo rubbin’.

"Hey, I think I need another scrub on the left… little more to the left… yep, that's the spot. Glad we addressed that."


2. The one who loves a good bath toy.

"My pal Duckie is a real card—when he squeaks, he spits water right in my face!"


3. The one who likes to snuggle with towels.

"Look Mom, I'm Obi-Wan! 'Wipe me down, and I'll become more paw-erful than you can possibly imagine!'"


4. The one who knows the power of a good hairdo.

"I'm PUNK now, Mom. You just don't GET IT. Anyway, when's snuggle time?"


5. The one who loves when you get the water pressure juuuuuust right.

"Thanks but no thanks, TLC. I will go chasin' waterfalls."


Watch the whole video here — it's great!

6. The one who knows that everything is more fun with a friend.

"I simply cannot de-stress without a good bath, dah-ling. Next up, mani-pedis!"


7. The one who just isn't ready for bath-time to end.

"Ahem, 'scuse me Ma… it's lather, rinse, repeat."


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