Just 19 Darling Cuties With Short Little Legs

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Not everyone is blessed with appropriately tall legs, okay?

1. His little legs were so cute his mom immortalized them.

2. This kitty wants to tell you all about her adorable stumpy legs.

We are all ears.

3. Sometimes a kitten's face will take up its entire body, leaving no room for the legs.

This is a scientific fact.


4. This pup is feeling sad about his tiny legs.

I wish I could give him a cookie.

5. I'm not convinced this kitty even has legs.

Cute little cat snake!

6. Awww! Here's another cat snake!

7. This Corgi knows how to work those little Corgi legs.

Get it buddy!


8. This hippo is smug because he knows his stumpy legs make him cuter.

He is right!

And equally as adorable.

10. You have to work twice as hard with little legs. It's exhausting!

11. See, it's hard work!

But it's sure fun to watch.


12. Really really hard work.

13. I just fainted because of these darling little legs.

14. Tiny little legs do not slow this kitten down. I can totally tell.

15. Damn! This pup can work those little legs.

I am impressed.

16. Not all dogs with little legs are cute, some are handsome and stoic AF.

17. And that goes for cats too.

18. This munchkin is trying to figure out how to go viral online.

We got you buddy.


19. Little legs = big adventures.

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