Just 28 Animals Who Are Acting Like Other Animals

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Most animals follow the rules of nature. Dogs act like dogs. Cats act like cats. Pandas act like pandas. You get the idea. But sometimes, animals are like, "Sorry, nature, but I'd rather be something else." Here are 28 animals who act like other animals.


1. Being raised by wolves would have made him much more normal.

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2. Fetch is easy. Not sure why dogs make a big deal of it.

3. Batting at dangling objects is also easy. Two can play that game. (Hover to play.)

4. I iz domestic. I iz dog. Um, dog sound. Dog sound.

5. So dog-like, he totally blends.

6. I have the zoomies. Because I am a puppy.

7. Humans are technically animals too, and this dog has nailed acting like a human child.

8. This dog did even better at human baby.

9. This panda is the best human though. He totally captures the boredom of being on a plane for hours and hours.

10. Cats don't get to corner the market on excessive self-grooming.

11. I went into my chrysalis a regular pug and emerged a beautiful butterfly.

12. What is this witchcraft?

13. I thought I was a dog, but turns out, I'm actually an otter. Weird, right?

14. Let's cuddle human! I'm an animal that is not terrifying to cuddle with.

15. Since we're both dogs, we should probably play together. Like dogs do, fellow dog.

16. Pets. I love pets like the dog I am.

17. This is a totally normal way to lay down because I'm a normal cat.

18. This isn't a costume. This is my actual sheep ... hair?

19. More. Let's play fetch more, human.

20. Just waiting for my pink to come in.

21. This Christmas, we'll be starring in the Rudolph reboot and that's totally normal and not weird at all.

22. Just two puppies, playing in a yard. Neither of us is a pig, for sure.

23. Just a lion here. No tigers definitely. It's honestly weird that you would even say tiger.

24. Oh, this bowl is for dogs? That's what I am.

25. Um, "Purr? Purr? Meow?"

26. What? You said I was a dragon. I don't see the issue here.

27. Adopt me, human. I'm a puppy.

28. I have no hands and thus no nails. Move along.

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