Dog Herds Sheep Into Family's House

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Image Credit: Bigandt_Photography/iStock/GettyImages

This herding dog went above and beyond to make sure his flock was safe recently by leading nine sheep inside his family's actual house.


Rocky, a 7-month-old border collie from England, recently herded the animals all the way into a hallway in his house.

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To be fair, since he was allowed in the house, it's only logical that he could also bring the sheep he's supposed to keep an eye on in too. You know, so he could continue to keep an eye on them even during his off-duty hours.

Rosalyn Edward, his owner, told The Telegraph that she heard a noise in the house and pretty quickly saw the culprits.

Thankfully, Edwards decided to record the canine-created chaos.

She realized that since a gate had been left open, her smart pup took advantage of the opportunity to show his humans just how great he was at herding.


You can't help but admire Rocky's commitment to taking his work home with him. And, since his intentions were pure, hopefully, his human mom didn't reprimand him too much for being a baaaa-d boy.

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