41 Moments Of Animal Affection That Will Melt Your Cold, Dark Heart

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Is your heart feeling like an icy, cold, dark void right now? Want to warm it back up? Just scroll through these 41 moments of adorable, aww-inducing animal affection.

1. BOOP.

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2. How can your heart be cold when we live in a world where fawns and bobcat kittens can be best friends?

3. Cuddle time.

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5. Lizard clearly does not appreciate how rare kitten cuddles like these are.

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6. We are all one big happy family. Wait. ARE SOME OF US ADOPTED?


8. Couch cuddles forever.

9. Blanket buddies are the best buddies.

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10. When you don't even care if you have to be choked a bit to be little spoon.

11. When you want cuddles, but you don't want to wake your S.O. up.

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12. French kisses.

13. Keep doing the lord's work, Hurley.

14. When neither of you really know how to kiss but you make out anyway.

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15. Are there greater cuddles than sloth/cat cuddles?

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16. Pure contentment. This is what it looks like, in case you were wondering.


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18. When PDA is so cute you can't even be mad at it.

19. When you just need to hug your best friend.

20. BRB, calling mom real quick.

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21. Poly-cuteness.

22. Our love can't be hindered by things like one of us being a land animal and the other being an ocean animal.

23. When you're so close you don't have to worry about this being weird.

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24. It's important to have a solid support system.

25. This is probably where they get their reputation.

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26. Family cuddle time. Not lame, just cute.

27. When you tell your crush you like them for the first time.

28. Feel the love.

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29. Owl love you forever.

30. Love your face, bae.

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32. Mwah!

33. Mwah, mwah, mwah.

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34. We watched the old Spider-Man movie today.

35. I said come here and cuddle, darn it.

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36. You're into this, right?

37. Best threesome.

38. Love me, please? We are friendz, right?

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39. Cuddle party.

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41. But seriously, who lost our invite to the cuddle party?

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