17 Dogs Who Have a Complicated Relationship With Their Tails

Dogs chase their tails for lots of different reasons: Boredom, excitement, and itchiness are a few. Until dogs learn to talk, the rest of the reasons will remain a mystery.

1. He did it!

Dog with tail in mouth
credit: Tumblr

2. "Wha ... what the devil is that?"

3. Mmm, so fluffy.

Dog with tail in mouth
credit: Reddit

4. Whoa. Dude.

Dog looking contemplative. Caption: What if the tail is actually chasing me?
credit: Tumblr

5. Imagine how many months of training it took to accomplish this.

Puppy biting short tail. Caption: My puppy finally caught his stub.
credit: Reddit

6. Ouroboros doggy.

7. The inevitable result of having a fluffy tail and wandering into a slumber party.

Dog with tail in French braid.
credit: Reddit

8. "Help?"

Dog catching tail with concerned expression.
credit: Reddit

9. The odds are stacked against this li'l pupper.

10. Sneak attack!

Dog looking at tail with excitement.
credit: Reddit

11. "But seriously, now what?"

Dog with tail in mouth looking concerned.
credit: Reddit

12. Oh, to be so young and to have achieved so much.

13. Meet the cover model of this month's Tails Magazine.

Handsome golden retriever with tail in mouth.
credit: Imgur

14. "Come with me, tail! I will show you the way!"

15. A very ... unique approach.

Dog in twisted position catching tail.
credit: Reddit

16. "Who's chasing their tail? Not me, that's for sure."

17. CHOMP.

Slightly blurry action shot of dog catching tail.
credit: Reddit

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