20 Clues That Prove Cats Created Christmas

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Everyone knows that cats love Christmas, but like, what if they created it? Read on as we go deep on our favorite new kitty conspiracy theory!

1. First of all, what do cats love to climb?

Cats like to climb trees.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. You put a giant tree in the front room, and then cover it in sparkling lights. Like a giant LASER POINTER.

3. If there's one thing that cats are obsessed with, it's laser pointers.

4. OK, back to trees. Even big 'ol cats love Christmas trees!

5. And what do you hang ON the tree?

6. You literally put cat toys ON the tree.

7. And near the bottom of the tree, you make a super comfy cat bed.

Are you convinced yet because I have more proof.



8. Let's talk about packages. What is the best thing for a cat to destroy? A package!

9. Cats are extremely interested in packages.

10. You wrap Christmas presents with fun crinkly paper.

11. Everyone knows that cats cannot resist paper.

12. Like, cats are really into wrapping paper.

13. And what do presents come in?


15. Even big cats love boxes.

16. I'm not the only one who thinks Christmas was created by cats. I found this documentary quite compelling.

17. I also unearthed this historical evidence. Throughout the ages, cats take advantage of unattended Christmas dinner.

18. More evidence.

19. Cats also love Santa. He's got a cool fluffy beard.

20. Santa has a warm, cozy lap and a preference for milk.

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