High School Students Did The Kindest Thing For Their Heartbroken Teacher

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Kids these days ... are actually kind of incredible. That's what Alabama high school teacher Troy Rogers learned after his 11-year-old dog, Chip, passed away.

Rogers' students bought him a new puppy to fill the hole left by his long-time companion.

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"I cannot brag on my students and the Clements family enough," he wrote on Facebook. "As all of you know, my 11.5 year old Golden, Chip, ran off three weeks ago, presumably to die. I've missed him terribly."

The senior class took matters into their own hands and surprised their dedicated teacher with a new puppy, who he named Clementine (he teaches at Clements High School, so it's a fitting moniker).

"I love these kids. There are no words. I have offered to pay for the puppy, as I had no idea the kids were doing this. I would never have allowed such a thing. I will consequently be adding the estimated cost of the puppy to the senior fund, out of my pocket," he wrote.

Everything about this story warms our hearts.