The Very Best of the Disapproving Dog Challenge

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From spilling tea to throwing shade, some dogs aren't afraid to register their disappointment with management.

Whatever you did, the look on these sassy pups' faces says it all.

1. "#disapprovingdogchallenge you say? For your consideration, here's is judgey Bonito"

2. "Our beagle Cooper is NOT impressed that we’re bringing a new member into the family. #disapprovingdogchallenge"

3. "YEE - and I can't stress this enough - HAW #disapprovingdogchallenge"

4. "You woke me up for this? #disapprovingdogchallenge"

5. "Dis some bull crap, I am not amused #disapprovingdogchallenge"

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6. "I took away a shoe he was chewing... #disapprovingdogchallenge"

7. "If you could stop blaming your farts on me, that’d be great #disapprovingdogchallenge"

8. "When you tell a hipster their favorite IPA isn't on tap 😂 #disapprovingdogchallenge"

9. "I wouldn’t let him continue vigorously licking my ankle. #disapprovingdogchallenge"

10. "Ash doesn’t approve of me pretending to throw the ball 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 #disapprovingdogchallenge"

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11. "How's 2020 going so far, Summer??? #theexpressionsaysitall #shewontforgetthis #disapprovingdogchallenge"

12. "When it's a snow day but your parents make you come in and do homework #disapprovingdogchallenge"

13. "Forward facing camera? Nah, never heard of him. #disapprovingdogchallenge"

14. "Mahm, I cammot beleeb dat yoo still wearimg pajammies. Is 2 in da amftermoom 🙄 -Blueberry 🐾 #disapprovingdogchallenge"

15. "Arya got groomed. She doesn’t mind the grooming so much anymore, but my insistence at making her pose for photos afterward turns her into a grumpy Dobby. #disapprovingdogchallenge"

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16. "Karen, no, we've talked about this. Put the phone down... #disapprovingdogchallenge"

17. "Beans is ready to accept her #disapprovingdogchallenge trophy"

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