Blind Girl Is Reunited With Missing Cat In Heartfelt Reunion

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Angel, a 2-year-old kitten, has known Charley, a 4-year-old human, pretty much her whole life. So when Angel recently went missing from her family, Charley and her mother Heather Howell were understandably distraught.

Charley isn't your average little girl, either. When she was young, they found a cancerous brain tumor and diagnosed her with diencephalic syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that can cause blindness, among other things. But her heath issues didn't stop her and Angel from becoming the best of friends.

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When Angel went missing, Charley's mom reached out to local shelters several times, scanned all sorts of online resources, and eventually took to social media to try and find her.

Howell spotted a picture of a cat being adopted at a local shelter who looked like the spitting image of Angel.

Howell reached out to the family who adopted Charley's missing cat and eventually got a hold of them. Even though that family had adopted the kitten as a gift to their own daughter, they felt Angel should be returned to her home with Charley.


Local news caught the sweet reunion on video.