A Deer Walks Into A Grocery Store & What Happens Next Is Adorable

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It may sound like the start of a cheesy joke you've heard a million times before, but a deer really did walk into a local grocery store in Colorado, and the punchline is that the deer came back a little while later with some friends.


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According to 9News, Lori Jones of Fort Collins, Colorado got some pretty unforgettable visitors at the R.V. park store where she works.

Jones was visited by a friendly deer in the store. Luckily for everyone, she was able to snap some pictures of the encounter.

Though she usually doesn't feed the wildlife, Jones felt this visitor had earned a little nibble by at least feigning interest in the human items around.

One of her coworkers got a kick out of the encounter, too.

But the story doesn't end there. After the deer got a sweet taste of what it's like to visit Jones, she came back with some friends.

Jones got a kick out of the critters and, yet again, cut them a little slack with a sweet nibble. But, she didn't let them loiter for too long and sent them back into the wilderness.


The pictures Jones was able to snap and share with the local news have, understandably, since gone viral, even earning some reddit fame. Of course, if these critters make this special snack time a habit, Jones will probably find herself constantly shaking her head and exasperatedly saying, "Oh deer."