Dog Glitches The Matrix With Epic Leap Through Locked Gate

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Stop whatever you're doin and look at this good girl

Things, as hardboiled detectives in cop movies like to say, sometimes go sideways. But those things usually aren't dogs.


Video of the Day

In an amazing video uploaded to Twitter this week, we see a beautiful Australian shepherd — a breed renowned for its agility and motor control — do just that, barrel-rolling her way through a cattle grid without hesitation and in beautiful slo-mo, no less. (Press play to watch!)

Not surprisingly, the jaw-dropping clip, which was filmed and uploaded by the pup's human, Rudy Mustang, has caught fire and viraled out with 63,000+ shares (and counting).

And the reactions on the microblogging platform to the dog — whose name is Callie — and her spectacular feat are pretty great themselves.

“Oh muh god... [s]he on X-games mode”, quipped one man.

"Barkour?", punned a second.

"15/10 good doggo, basically an Olympic gymnast", joked this woman.

Clever girl, indeed.

Naturally, some invoked comparisons using GIFs ...

... and memes.

With more than a million spins in the last three days, the awesomeness of the video — which a movie-making friend of mine opines is 100% real — is enough to make us tear up some of our already-published year-end honors.


For more on Callie, bounce on over to Instagram and follow her brand new account.

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