The 12 Most Insane Dog Reactions To The 'What The Fluff' Challenge

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Another month brings another challenge trending on social media.


Sweeping the web at the moment: The #whatthefluff hashtag, a prank of sorts (but a fun and cute one) in which pet owners vanish before their animals very eyes by simultaneously dropping a sheet (or blanket) and stepping out of view or retreating through a doorway.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

The first example surfaced on Instagram earlier in June, when a London woman bamboozled Jax, a Siberian husky with a gorgeous coat and striking eyes, with sleight-of-hand.

"Try this with your pet," she captioned the 21-second video (press play to watch):

Voilà, it's magic — as is that little growl of protest at the end when he pieces together the con.

Racking up a little more than 1.9 million views, the clip quickly spilled over to other platforms like Twitter and Tumblr, where it spawned a host of copycats and drew media coverage from both mainstream news sites and viral aggregators alike.


And while you could spend days scrolling through them (like this woman, who regrets nothing), we've collected the best of the bunch below.

Note: As with the embed above, hover over the play prompts to watch.


1. What manner of sorcery is this?

2. Borks of bafflement.

3. Oh my stars, that look back at the end is just ~too~ precious.

4. Can't fool this little guy (but the ears really sell his reax, amirite or amirite?).

5. "Doin me a nope surprise" — this Frenchie

6. When your dog is running cat software. Cutest. Fail. Ever!

7. Speaking of kittehs, they weren't entirely immune themselves to the #whatthefluff ruse.

8. [Extreme General Zod voice] "I WILL FIND HIM!"

9. Because two shocked puppers is better than one!

10. It's official, someone's mind is 100% blown.

11. Of course, some pups saw right through the deception and weren't having any of it.

12. And this being the internets, there were also a fair number of people — some without pets (hey it happens) — putting their own unique spin on it.


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