May We All Be As Happy As These Two Dogs With A Balloon

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Cooper and Emma are two Stafford terriers who's favorite game is a simple yet impressive variation of "Keep It Up." A recent video shows them alternating jumps as they take turns keeping a balloon in the air went viral on reddit, and their teamwork, enthusiasm, and general commitment to defying gravity is beyond entertaining. (Hover to play👇.)


Based on their popular Instagram page, this epic balloon hopping game is clearly one of their favorite outdoor activities.

Video of the Day

They play it, like, all the time.

The amount of air these pups can get would impressive even the famous Air Bud.

It's a shame these two can't compete in the upcoming winter Olympics because the whole world should marvel in their athleticism.

They look especially badass when their incredible jumping feats are showed off in slow motion.

They also ❤️❤️❤️  bubbles ...

... and sprinklers!

These two don't need much of an excuse to (literally) jump for joy.

If Hollywood is looking for another reboot, perhaps they could consider a revamped Up in the Air, only with these two dogs instead of people and a simple balloon instead of an airplane.