Say Hello To #TubTuesday, Your New Favorite Social Media Trend

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An emerging hashtag anchored around pets in the bathroom is poised to make Tuesdays a whole lot cuter. But how do the subjects feel about it?

1. I literally can't even right now.

2. "If rolling around in the mud is wrong, I don't want to be right."

3. Those eyes tho.

4. "We aren't Gremlins, ya know. We can get wet any time of the day or the week."

5. Tub in, tongue out.

6. Doin a heckn bubble chase (hover over to play).

7. "I will never not forget this inhumane treatment, human."

8. "Live every day like it's Tub Tuesday" -- this jag

9. Just look at this little angel.

10. "This is fine, but it could be a tad warmer."

11. So frush and so clean clean.

12. Ain't no party like a tub party.

13. New hair, who dis.

14. "Towel, please."

15. "I was promised peanut butter in exchange for my cooperation!"

16. "No water, no problem."

17. "Dude, where's my rubber ducky?"

18. "Hashtags? Nah, never heard of them."

19. "This is where I sleep at night now."